Healthy CEO started from my obsession with the healthy, wellness, fitness and sports industries. Only, I didn't pay attention to it.

It took people showing me and telling me that is what you should focus on because when you speak about it, you light up.

Nevermind, I ignored that fact that I received my Masters in Sports Management from Georgetown University where I wrote on Sports Entrepreneurship for my Capstone Project or I always thought I would be a sports writer.

I seemed to ignore the fact that I was an adjunct professor at NVCC (Northern Virginia Community College) teaching PED 116 or a Health and PE Class.

Or the fact that I worked with Lil' Sports over a Year and Kidz Sports Drill running sports camps across Northern Virginia for children.

Or the fact, that I was the unofficial Sports Editor for my local Patch after I graduated from school.

Or that I drive my dog crazy because I seem to like running more than she does.

Or that I used to play basketball in elementary, middle and high school.

Or that I like to workout and stay active.

Or that my favorite website design projects and clients were those in the sports, health and fitness industries.


Well, you get the point. There were a few things that showed me that is the industry that we will focus on with Blue 16 Media and on a deeper level, I feel “home.”

This blog is about entrepreneurs and business in the health, sports, fitness and wellness industries. That's what a Healthy CEO is. A Healthy CEO is defined by the industry in which he or she works. This could be spiritual wellness (local church) or a local personal trainer. It could be the college athlete that played basketball and decided to run a sports camp. It could be the local dentist or the direct sales rep that sells essential oils.

The point is–this site is dedicated to you.

– Gresh

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