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13 Entrepreneurs Explain What’s Special About Being A Healthy CEO

There's something unique about being a “Healthy CEO.” It might be the type of business or the overall peace that comes with helping clients reach their goals but it is unlike other industries. Those entrepreneurs and business owners that are in the health, sports, wellness and fitness industries often have a very specific way of doing business and we wanted to ask them what they thought was unique about running a business in these industries.

#1- Personified confidence

Photo Credit: Patrick Harrison

Effective leadership is enhanced when we lead by example. When a CEO embraces a healthy lifestyle not only does he or she benefit physically and mentally from this but their team feels the calm confidence that is often personified. An even more beneficial outcome of a healthy CEO who can inspire their team to follow suit is the increased morale and productivity that is a natural outcome.

Thanks to Patrick Harrison, CoreChair Inc.!

#2- Demonstrated greatness

Photo Credit: Ajit Nawalkha

As a CEO of Evercoach – the virtual hub for coaches, my biggest challenge and responsibility is to walk the talk. Coaches come to us to elevate themselves and elevate their business. By the nature of this job, it’s nearly impossible to become an extraordinary coach while some deep internal conflicts are still unresolved within you. Of course, we are all human, and every now and then those will arise. However,
a great coach knows how to help himself first, so he can then serve others. Sometimes going deep into their own story is what it takes my clients to become extraordinary coaches. Same applies to me. To lead this team, to resonate with the community of coaches we are building and ultimately help them to impact many lives, I gotta go beyond what’s expected of a traditional CEO. I gotta learn to lead from the place of authenticity. Sometimes it means being more open and vulnerable with my team then any other CEO would, bringing authentic emotions in, treating my own emotional well-being as a part of the business strategy. Just like my mentors and coaches showed me, I want to show others that they have greatness inside them. I’m on a mission to help as many coaches, healers, and teachers as I can.

Thanks to Ajit Nawalkha, Evercoach!

#3- Better focus and mood

Photo Credit: Jerry Haffey

Being in the addiction treatment industry, our counselors and therapists stress the importance of a holistic treatment approach. That means mind, body and spirit. Physical health is often an often-overlooked aspect of addiction recovery. Similar to those we help with substance abuse, I have to be conscious of what I put in my body. Eating healthy and abstaining from alcohol and drugs has done wonders for my focus and mood and it allows me to set an example within the company for healthy living.

Thanks to Jerry Haffey, Ambrosia Treatment Center!

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#4- Your mind works better

Photo Credit: Rhian Sharp

I'm a CEO of a healthcare recruiting company. I started the company because I believe in health, wellness and balance. My goal is to find opportunities for my candidates that will promote not only financial rewards to them but also more balance in their lives. I work with healthcare organizations that value not only the health of their customers but also their employees.. Personally I work out EVERYDAY :-). I'm an avid runner, weight lifter and figurer competitor. Being healthy and fit helps me stay on top of my game.. My mind works better which allows me to help my clients and candidates.

Thanks to Rhian Sharp, Sharp Medical Recruiting and HR Consulting!

#5- Boosts your endorphins

Photo Credit: Deborah Sweeney

CEOs put a lot of time and energy into running their own business and as such, need to take the time to recharge in order to minimize the risk of burnout. Regular exercise helps boost your endorphins and allows you to take on your day with a great mood. Make it a priority to schedule in a run, walk, Pilates class, or even meditate each day and you'll find that it makes a huge difference to your mindset.

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney,!

#6-Improved personal image

Do you know that studies prove that children as young as four years old avoid forming friendships with overweight children?… Or that statistics highlight that defendants in lawsuits who are obese are more likely to have a guilty verdict? If you're out of shape, a little wobbly around the edges or have an unhealthy relationship with food, then psychology proves that people think you're lazy, dishonest and undisciplined. It doesn't matter how productive you are, how successful you are or what obstacles you've overcome; people are naturally repulsed by obesity… And by you. Get healthy and your business gets healthy.

Thanks to Chris McCarron, GoGoChimp!

#7- Dedication to the well being of others

Photo Credit: Limor Weinstein

I am the Founder and CEO of LW Wellness Network, a comprehensive wellness solution platform with over 150 providers in the wellness field. Being a healthy CEO is special because I get to dedicate my career and company to the well being of others. I surround myself with people who share the same mission and passion. Additionally, I have access to incredible professionals that I hand-picked to help and support individuals and families in a very holistic way.

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Thanks to Limor Weinstein, LW Wellness Network!

#8- Environmental and social responsibility

Photo Credit: Zondra Wilson

Green businesses are socially and environmentally responsible. Blu Skin Care manufactures and distributes USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Products. We manufacture 7 unique personal care products. We are proud to be a green company. Green companies adopt principles and practices that protect people AND the planet. They challenge themselves to bring the goals of social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, as well as community health and development, into all of their activities — from production and supply chain management to employee relations and customer service.

Thanks to Zondra Wilson, Blu Skin Care, LLC!

#9- Leading the charge

Photo Credit: Sammy Courtright

I love that my job is to provide workers around the country with tools and education. Our company helps employees improve their overall well-being right at work, with on-site fitness classes, massage services, workshops, and more. It's a huge  responsibility, but it's also insanely rewarding whenever I see photos of our clients’ smiling together after a yoga or kickboxing class. Creating a healthier, happier corporate culture may not be on the top of everyone's to-do list, but we believe we're at the cusp of a wellness revolution — and I'm excited to lead the charge.

Thanks to Sammy Courtright, Fitspot Wellness!

#10- Stronger team bonds

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Trabucco

I am the CEO of an educational company yet I do Cross-fit daily. I have incorporated my healthy habits into my whole team where we have plank competitions and have healthy snacks in the office. I found this to be a stone bonding component at the core of our team unity. On my birthday I asked for anyone in the company to join me in a workout and it was so fun to see who turned out- from interns to spouses! I think that healthy habits need to come from the top and they trickle down to the team if you allow it to.

Thanks to Kaitlyn Trabucco,!

#11- Impact we create

Photo Credit: David Haddad

What's special to me about being a healthy CEO is that the work that we do has a direct impact on improving people's lives. One of our clients is using our technology to manage over 7,000 out of control diabetics. Another client is using our technology to understand how changes in mood can be a predictor to PTSD triggers. Another client uses Overlap to understand the relationship between mobility and sleep and physical activity. The use cases are endless. I get to build better technology so that healthcare organizations can help people live healthier and happier lives. Being a healthy CEO allows me to use business and technology as a tool to promote greater health equity. I love that!

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Thanks to David Haddad, Overlap!

#12- A number of things

Photo Credit: Nate Masterson

I think that having a healthy body leads to a healthy state of mind and this is a crucial step in the decision-making process in your role as a CEO. The idea of pushing yourself all the time to raise your personal bar even higher (even in terms of your fitness routine) will have a large effect on the kind of decisions you make for your company at large. Obviously, this also depends on the nature of your company and it’s specific demands, but there’s also something gratifying from an employee level of seeing a CEO (however rarely or often that may be) that is physically fit and healthy looking. It helps to engender a sense of trust and promote a personal image of a strong and confident leader, a hands-on person who works as hard as the rest of the crew – if not harder than them. Not only will this have a positive effect on your personal outlook and decision making processes, but it’ll also do a lot in terms of your image and level of respect within the company from the ground up.

Thanks to Nate Masterson, Maple Holistics!

#13- Success

Photo Credit: Jerry Snider

As the owner of All In Health and Wellness, I firmly believe that living a healthy lifestyle is crucial to my success as an entrepreneur but also to the success of other business owners/CEOs. Proper nutrients through a healthy meal plan allows for more efficient transmission of neurons through the synapses in your brain, which creates greater focus. The exercise piece of a healthy lifestyle relieves stress and creates energy. In today's face-paced business world, focus, energy and stress-relief are critical for success.

Thanks to Jerry Snider, All In Health and Wellness!

What's special about being a healthy CEO? Tell us in the comments below. Don't forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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