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IAM072 – Social Entrepreneur & Activist Empower Trafficking Survivors Through Employment

Deborah is a social entrepreneur and a human rights activist. She dedicated the last 10 years studying the issue of human trafficking and working on counter-trafficking measures at places like the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Prior to her work at the United Nations, she worked at a renowned European private institute for health. There, she successfully managed the health institute while gaining knowledge and experience in natural therapies and skincare based on Chinese medicine. Deborah founded Aurore to deliver a new and sustainable solution to combat the complex issue of human trafficking. Her focus is on empowering trafficking survivors and at risk individuals through employment. She adopts a bottom-up approach to help decrease the incidence of human trafficking by building stronger communities. She holds a BA in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and a MA in Social Enterprise from the School of International Service at American University.

CEO Hack: Morning meditation, cardio and eliminating electronics from sleeping area
CEO Nugget: Letting go, life is a balance between making it happen and letting it happen, opportunity dances with people already on the dancing floor
CEO Defined: Creating a new model and not just maximizing profit but helping to solve problems. Be

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